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About us

Bars Company located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and was established in 2004. It has an adept expertise group from Iran and other countries producing and designing hand-woven carpets. The company is currently functioning in production, coloring, carpet washing and final service work-shop in the town of Margilan with an area of sq.m 63, 000.

The company produces more than 30 types of high quality and various design hand-woven carpets in any size. They range from modern, traditional to Iranian weaving system and etc.

The permanent store and exhibition of the company located is one of the best commercial building of Tashkent with an area of 5, 000 sq.m  and all the customers can visit the store to see, order and buy.

Bars company would be one of the greatest producers and exporters of carpet in the world by 2015 due to its targets and expanded plans, equipment, capacity to produce and erect trading workshops to trading weavers, quality assurance of produced carpets and finally attraction of thousand of trained weavers and production of sq. 200, 000 carpets.

The company would participate in reputable international hand-woven carpets exhibitions in the line with the future projects of the company welfare of the customs, providing access to its products and making them known. At present, the company is ready to accept the orders from all the worldwide customers in various design and materials.



Email: info@barscarpet.com